Bits & Bäume

The Bits & Bäume Movement

Under the guiding question “What can digitalization contribute to the sustainable transformation of society?”, the junior research group, in cooperation with a broad alliance of actors from civil society and academia, held a public networking conference at Technische Universität Berlin in 2018. This was the starting point of the Bits & Bäume movement. Since then, various actors in the alliance have addressed topics such as alternative economies, data and the environment, the material basis of digitalization, digital capitalism, urban-rural-smart as well as civil society and communities. To ensure that the conference does not remain a one-off event, the Bits & Bäume movement continues to work hard: In July 2019 the book “Was Bits und Bäume verbindet” was published; the organizers have written demands to politicians for sustainable digitalization that can be signed; and in September 2019, we launched the discussion series “Forum Bits & Bäume” that aims to connect various stakeholders to shape the political process of digitalization.

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